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Script process.

Comics are an interesting art form. In that there’s never been a 100% standard form for many of the processes. Script writing for comics is for example much less draconian than say screen writing is. Anyone that has read up on the subject has likely read anecdotal stories of scripts being tossed out offhand due to the wrong font, of spacing used on the title page of a script.

Comics on the other hand by and large have been have been left out in the hinterlands without such overbearing rules to the format.

For instance a quick look through The Comic Book Script Archive and you’ll notice that virtually no two scripts are formatted exactly the same. But each example there does exactly what it needs to. It tells the story for the artist to interpret. (These are by and large all full script method as opposed to plot first/script last Marvel Method) Some authors go into more or less detail on what is or isn’t in a panel. Some go into more detail on the precise layout of the panels. Others leave room for the artist to come up with breakdowns.

With all that in mind I thought maybe it’d be interesting to work on a comic strip in a fish bowl so to speak. Usually I hide away scripts/pencils/inks until such point as all the pages are completed and at the very least lettered.

Maybe it could be interesting to instead share the process from beginning to end. Have the script available from day one as I work on the strip itself. Maybe having it out there, will inspire me to work faster? I’m not sure but I think it’s worth a shot. Anyway, below is a pdf of one of the scripts I’m currently working on producing. Give it a look. And feel free to let me know what you think.

Belfield-Something In The Water

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