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BOO! Pinup part 1

August 11th, 2011

Over at the illopond. Folks are putting the last touches on the next Anthology, due some time in October. It’s called BOO!.

I didn’t do a full story this time around, as I’m swamped getting the next chapter of the Steam War done, and also working on another comic I haven’t announced yet. (soon, just not now) And while I did want to participate I simply didn’t have the time to add another comic to the schedule. But this anthology is breaking the mold of the other two a bit. As there are a number of smaller contributions in the book. I laid claim to 2 pages

The scalpel guy from a few posts back was initially going to be one of those pages. However it was deemed it might be a bit mature for the crowd the rest of the stories ended up settling at. And really I can’t argue that. It’s a bit more actual menace than the book is really aiming for. SO, on that note I broke out the pencils, ink, and paint and did two other pinups. This was the first.


This one was me revisiting a painting I did years ago of a scarecrow with a crow on its’ shoulder. In the earlier painting I feel like I kind of missed the mark and ended up fighting my materials too much. Which is never a good place to be when working with water based paint. So yeah, I took this as an opportunity to have another go at it.

Anthology, illopond.com, Projects

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