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It’s all just a series of Tubes.

October 11th, 2009

It’s one of those unfortunate coincidences that as soon as I was able to launch my personal site/blog, that almost all of the work I’m doing is work I can’t show off right now. Typical, really.

With that in mind I thought I’d take a minute (or twelve depending on how long it takes to write this post up) and point anyone reading in the direction of a project I’m helping on, that I *can* talk about. At least a bit.

On and off for about a year now I’ve been helping with story development on an animation short that as far as I can tell is the zombie love child of Bassam Kurdali  (Dirctor of the first open movie project, Elephants Dream), a Golden Idol Calf, and SCIENCE!â„¢.

The short is called tube, feel free to check out the ongoing blog found on the production page. And also to check out the other members of the team. It’s certainly not an exaggeration in saying that they are all completely awesome collaborators.  Many of whom I’ve been fortunate to have worked with on multiple projects in the last couple years (some under insane conditions, 48 hour I’m looking at you), and a handful I’m glad to have encountered for the first time with this project.  So do check out the Team page, to get an idea of who I’m talking about. They’re all great, and it’s both exciting and humbling to be asked to work within the confines of such a talented group.

So beyond just the opportunity to work with such an exciting talented and diverse group of individuals, who I’m sure are going to make me look awesome by association, I’m also getting a chance to really get out of my comfort zone with storytelling.   My main bit of input thus far has been to help the story team take all of these big giant and very visual brush strokes, and try to tie them down enough that the film will (fingers crossed) play well even for people not in the know of what we’re trying to pull off, or the original source material.  It’s going to look, and sound great. That’s not even a question mark, and that’s the reason I jumped at the opportunity to help when I was asked. Frankly I’m lucky that my list of collaborators all happen to be people I love to work with. Doing illustration, and this is almost a cliche to write out, but it’s because it’s true, can be a pretty isolating work environment. So it’s good to have the chance to get out of isolation with work from time to time. A lot of time these big group project help reaffirm why I love making things in the first place.  I have a short list of people that I keep in the “just say yes” pile when it comes to future projects.

And the folks working on tube are all on it.

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