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Within Striking Distance


I did this with the idea of it being potentially a black and white interior style image. This was very much a getting back to basics kind of drawing for me. It felt good just to do some line art for a change. And to top it off it’s a picture of a MIND FLAYER. The thing is born as a tentacled tadpole that is injected into another creatures brain where it turns it into a Mind Flayer. Oh and they eat brains through their squid heads. Oddly their are surprisingly few images to be found of them in the act of eating brains. This is me trying to shift the balance by one. Brace yourselves for another cellphone picture taken at a slightly crooked angle. (I’ll get decent scans when I can slow down a bit, promise.


With this one, I’m not a 100% sure I think it *feels* finished. But I’m going to give it a bit to rest, as I’m keen on not over working it if I can help it. It’s done on watercolor paper so if I feel a pressing need I can add some washes to it at a later date. Or possibly scan and color it if I’m feeling ambitious.

Thoughts as always are more than welcome.


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