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Another drawing from the show

March 1st, 2010


More coffee stain drawings to come this week.

I’ll do a write up on the opening at some point this week. However on the off chance anyone who was there is A) reading this and B) took pictures while people were there, that would be awesome to know. I ended up running off at the mouth at anyone and everyone who wanted to talk. And promptly forgot to take any of the pictures I planned to take. But talking to so many awesome people was worth forgetting the one task I’d set for myself honest.

Long story short I’m still really pleased with how things went. And I’m stoked to hopefully do this all over again soon!

And when I do, here’s hoping my son won’t have a whirlwind flu bug come through the day before the opening causing him and my wife to miss out on the fun part. Sorry family! Next time.

Also Richmond, I’m still impressed with how quickly 200 chicken nuggets were eaten. Amazing.

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