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PSA-Blowing the dust off for a second.

August 14th, 2017

*** I posted this before searching google for the image I was concerned about. And sure enough it had been placed in two separate places out of context for use as a wallpaper. While I’ve removed the image from this site and sent a DMCA notice, I’m sitting here in the middle of the night absolutely livid.

In light of current events I’ve pulled an image from both my (in desperate need of updating) portfolio, and it’s posting as the cover image for the second chapter for The Great Steam War comic I produced years ago. The cover possessed a modified Prussian eagle, the Totenkopf skull and crossbones, and the title of the chapter Blood and Soil. The story is about a Prussian born soldier being shot and killed in the trenches of a Steampunk World War 1. Make no mistake there is no intent to glorify anything in the story, a life is wiped out and all that is seen in the chapter is the life he could’ve had. This wasn’t a story of glorifying what that term has come to mean, but sadly it’s being used as just that. I want no parts of this or association with the people that would rally around this kind of hate.

In the relatively calmer political times this story was produced, I think the cover didn’t need the justification it may need today. Just this weekend a town just 45 minutes drive from me has been set upon by Neo-Nazis and other White Supremacists carrying tiki-torches and shouting the phrase “Blood and Soil”. I don’t even want to pretend there is a correlation between what I was writing and the hate they’re spewing.

I created this design years before I’d ever written or drawn a single comic story to completion. This is much more in tune with my actual political stance. Feel free to share this.