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Project Horizon: How to Militarize the Moon

July 25th, 2014

Wally Wood- Spirit in Space

(Art by Wally Wood, Words by Jules Feiffer, Character by Will Eisner)

I have to give thanks to a reporter named Ben Brumfield, for posting a story on this. His story got my attention through the incredibly catchy headline teaser of:

Let’s go to the moon — and nuke it

This is precisely the kind of link bait I’ll fall for every time. This time it definitely did not fail to deliver.

It seems during all of the hoopla over the anniversary of the moon landing, it seems the National Security Archive quietly declassified a series of documents mostly from the 50’s and 60’s for something called Project Horizon. The proposal was called Project Horizon. And the gist of it was the military wanted to establish a base and test nuclear detonations on the moon.

I’ll repeat, someone in the military chain of command thought it would behoove us to nuke the moon.

Ben Brumfield’s story

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