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Tiny Pleasures Submissions

April 3rd, 2014



These were done to send to Jon Schindehette (Who runs the super awesome site Art Order ) and be displaying them at his table at SFAL this year. Which means my little squiggles of paint will be seen right next to 270+ other small images from a number of really swell artists. In fact if you’ve read this far you should head on over to the Infected by Art page that show off all the work that was submitted. Hopefully my pretty humble attempts at painting don’t stink the place up too bad.

As a brief run down of what the Tiny Pleasures prompt was. The subject matter was open ended, but the pieces HAD to be 3 inches by 3 inches square. Which is an interestingly small canvas area. And a pretty good size to really experiment with. I did these on the small 3 inch canvases that come pre-stretched in a pack of five from the art store. I used a used gift card to just glop on and spread gesso all over the surface roughly to give it some kind of texture and then just kind of drew/painted whatever came to mind when I sat down. It was a lot of fun to just kind of do whatever, and the pieces were small enough that they came together really quickly.

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