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Sorry Mom…

August 26th, 2011

My parents were very patient with me during the years I spent in art school. Even with all that education, drawings like these still happen from time to time.

Sketch prompted by a message from Roberto Rubet (



Recent Reading

August 20th, 2011

Bloody April Cover

This was a pretty fascinating account of the differing objectives of what would be the first air war the world had ever known. Specifically in this case focusing on the battle being waged in the skies during the Battle of Arras. Much of it in the participants own words. These men were on the absolute bleeding edge of technology making up the rules as they went along.

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Boo pinup part 2

August 16th, 2011

In a follow up to last week’s post. This is the second of my pinups for the upcoming Boo! Anthology due out in October. For the record this may be the first painting I’ve ever done that my son said actually creeped him out. Monsters? Killers? Zombies? No problem. Bats? He asked me to only paint this when he wasn’t around to see me working on it.

I’ll call that a success then.


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BOO! Pinup part 1

August 11th, 2011

Over at the illopond. Folks are putting the last touches on the next Anthology, due some time in October. It’s called BOO!.

I didn’t do a full story this time around, as I’m swamped getting the next chapter of the Steam War done, and also working on another comic I haven’t announced yet. (soon, just not now) And while I did want to participate I simply didn’t have the time to add another comic to the schedule. But this anthology is breaking the mold of the other two a bit. As there are a number of smaller contributions in the book. I laid claim to 2 pages

The scalpel guy from a few posts back was initially going to be one of those pages. However it was deemed it might be a bit mature for the crowd the rest of the stories ended up settling at. And really I can’t argue that. It’s a bit more actual menace than the book is really aiming for. SO, on that note I broke out the pencils, ink, and paint and did two other pinups. This was the first.


This one was me revisiting a painting I did years ago of a scarecrow with a crow on its’ shoulder. In the earlier painting I feel like I kind of missed the mark and ended up fighting my materials too much. Which is never a good place to be when working with water based paint. So yeah, I took this as an opportunity to have another go at it.

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Poster design done for the 48

August 1st, 2011


This was done really really quickly to be used as a poster in the set for our animation this year. It also provided us with a way to have the line that was compulsory to the competition without resorting to dialogue cards since we’d pulled silent film.

The intent was to do a Russian constructivist style poster, but also still maintain the style of the animation itself. In fact those of you up on your Russian posters should recognize which one I was riffing off of pretty easily. Not too bad for just a couple hours, I guess.

It’s fun every now and again to draw in a different style. (especially one that is really fast)

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