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Character Drawings

July 26th, 2011



A couple portraits of the characters we used for this year’s 48 hour film project.

These were done over the weekend with the intention of having them added to the closing credits. Due to some communication issues, that didn’t end up working out. But I think all told they came out pretty well. Especially for me drawing in a completely different style than I naturally work in.

The characters are based on character designs done by Roberto Rubet. Check out more of his work at

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Once more into the breach!

July 22nd, 2011

For the last four years running I’ve had the pleasure(?) of being a part of a team that sits down to make a short 3d animated film over the course of a single weekend. We get a randomly assigned genre, a prop that must be present, and a line of dialogue then are given the GO! command. It runs from 7PM Friday EST to 7PM Sunday EST.

We make sure to show our rapid fall into insanity through as many channels as possible as well.

Scroll to the bottom of the post at this link to see some of the ways you can watch us go crazy, live courtesy of the internet!

Follow the ridiculousness here!

See you on the other side folks!

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