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Brief update (promise of more to come). Ripple card wave 2.

July 24th, 2010

So there is much to blog about. But there hasn’t been much time or energy to do so. I desperately need to finish my write up of the 12 Week Challenge. And maybe pimp out the new clubhouse area.

I also need to give a run down of this year’s 48 Hour Film Project. Team Hand Turkey went big this year. And in my admittedly own biased opinion we came up with our best effort yet. The debut screening is today at 4PM EST here at the Byrd. After the premiere we’ll be able to host it online. And I’ll shamelessly pimp share it with any and every one interested in seeing it.

In other news and to prevent this from being a post devoid of content beyond the promise of future content. A week or so ago for my warm up drawing I decide to do another sketch card to donate to Kelly Light’s phenomenal cause Ripple Sketches.

Please take the time to look over what’s being offered over there. Some really awesome art is being put up for very little money. BUT 100% of that money is going towards animal rescue in the Gulf. Do a good thing, and get great art. It’s win win.

I’m happy to say there has already been a donation to the Sea Turtle Conservancy for this card, and it will soon be living in Reno, NV with one of my fellow 12 Weekers (Thanks Donna Jeanne!). But so much great art is getting posted every day I’m sure you can find something to tickle your fancy.

Again more posting, more often soon. But now I need to clean myself up a bit*. I got a film showing!

*Just a bit mind you. This is Richmond. And it is over 100° F today.

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Giving the Bird(s).

July 7th, 2010



These were done as a gift in the not too distant past. Just getting around to putting scanned versions up.

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