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Sketch Card Study

March 19th, 2010


Trying to use these really small surfaces to loosen my painting up.


I think this one looks Malignant

March 16th, 2010


IF: Subterranean

Done pretty quickly as a means to get back in gear. I’ve been a bit unproductive as of late.

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Quiet on the front.

March 12th, 2010

By now I should have been posting updates to my process post stuff. With pictures where you could actually see what’s going on. Instead I’ve gone to ground on it and decided I just didn’t think I was producing something that was as interesting as it should be.

It’s the double edged sword of personal work I guess. I have the luxury of no deadline staring me in the face telling me I can’t go back. But at the same time I have no deadline staring me in the face threatening to shoot if I retreat.

And that was at least one too many weapon metaphors for a single short paragraph.

So to sum up my last week for those playing along at home.

I’ve restarted a poster design, returning all the way to the thumbnail stage. After having the old style all the way to compositing and adding type.

Building up/refurbishing a mailing list. Terribly unexciting but terribly necessary.

Less talk more art soon I hope.

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Last of the series.

March 5th, 2010


This was the last of the series I produced before the show. I actually finished it the Thursday before the opening.

For now I’m probably going to let the stained paper work rest just a bit as I recharge some. I did learn a lot from doing these, and that’s always the goal. In fact doing these have convinced me to restart the poster I’ve been working on. So starting soon the Process Posts will return, but I’m headed back to the beginning I believe.

This week has been mostly about the business end of things. Making a mailing list has really sucked up much of my time. And I’m still only a fraction of the way through. Necessary but data entry and fact checking is not a very relaxing way to spend my days.

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Winding down on this series for now

March 4th, 2010


This was a concept thrown out to me by Chris Horrorshow. At the time of doing this one I was down to two more images to create before the opening and I was drawing a bit of a blank. Chris threw the concept of an old west gun crossed by a ray gun at me. After hearing that I only had to come up with one more concept. This one practically drew itself.

I need to draw more guns. Especially LASER guns.

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It’s a BIRD! It’s a…no wait it IS a bird.

March 3rd, 2010


This is a House Sparrow. I had no idea that “house” was an indicator of a separate breed of these things until I was grabbing reference for this bird drawing. Clearly I should be on the Audubon Society’s short list of illustrators*, with thoughts like “Oh There ARE different kinds of Sparrow. Would you look at that?”

Maybe I should erase that line and scour the House sparrow wiki to act like I’m knowledgeable or something?

Nah, I doubt that would fool anybody, at least those that know me in person.

*If I ever manage to land a job with them, you’ll be cool and not point out what an idiot I am right? Right?

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It would only be cooler if it were smoking.

March 2nd, 2010


Any new technique or style I work with has to pass the ape test. Yes I’m aware the file is named Monkey!, and this is a chimp. It’s okay I assure you. Tarzan called a Chimp Cheetah, clearly they have no special identity issues.

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Another drawing from the show

March 1st, 2010


More coffee stain drawings to come this week.

I’ll do a write up on the opening at some point this week. However on the off chance anyone who was there is A) reading this and B) took pictures while people were there, that would be awesome to know. I ended up running off at the mouth at anyone and everyone who wanted to talk. And promptly forgot to take any of the pictures I planned to take. But talking to so many awesome people was worth forgetting the one task I’d set for myself honest.

Long story short I’m still really pleased with how things went. And I’m stoked to hopefully do this all over again soon!

And when I do, here’s hoping my son won’t have a whirlwind flu bug come through the day before the opening causing him and my wife to miss out on the fun part. Sorry family! Next time.

Also Richmond, I’m still impressed with how quickly 200 chicken nuggets were eaten. Amazing.

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