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Tiny Pleasures Submissions

April 3rd, 2014



These were done to send to Jon Schindehette (Who runs the super awesome site Art Order ) and be displaying them at his table at SFAL this year. Which means my little squiggles of paint will be seen right next to 270+ other small images from a number of really swell artists. In fact if you’ve read this far you should head on over to the Infected by Art page that show off all the work that was submitted. Hopefully my pretty humble attempts at painting don’t stink the place up too bad.

As a brief run down of what the Tiny Pleasures prompt was. The subject matter was open ended, but the pieces HAD to be 3 inches by 3 inches square. Which is an interestingly small canvas area. And a pretty good size to really experiment with. I did these on the small 3 inch canvases that come pre-stretched in a pack of five from the art store. I used a used gift card to just glop on and spread gesso all over the surface roughly to give it some kind of texture and then just kind of drew/painted whatever came to mind when I sat down. It was a lot of fun to just kind of do whatever, and the pieces were small enough that they came together really quickly.

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Boo pinup part 2

August 16th, 2011

In a follow up to last week’s post. This is the second of my pinups for the upcoming Boo! Anthology due out in October. For the record this may be the first painting I’ve ever done that my son said actually creeped him out. Monsters? Killers? Zombies? No problem. Bats? He asked me to only paint this when he wasn’t around to see me working on it.

I’ll call that a success then.


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BOO! Pinup part 1

August 11th, 2011

Over at the illopond. Folks are putting the last touches on the next Anthology, due some time in October. It’s called BOO!.

I didn’t do a full story this time around, as I’m swamped getting the next chapter of the Steam War done, and also working on another comic I haven’t announced yet. (soon, just not now) And while I did want to participate I simply didn’t have the time to add another comic to the schedule. But this anthology is breaking the mold of the other two a bit. As there are a number of smaller contributions in the book. I laid claim to 2 pages

The scalpel guy from a few posts back was initially going to be one of those pages. However it was deemed it might be a bit mature for the crowd the rest of the stories ended up settling at. And really I can’t argue that. It’s a bit more actual menace than the book is really aiming for. SO, on that note I broke out the pencils, ink, and paint and did two other pinups. This was the first.


This one was me revisiting a painting I did years ago of a scarecrow with a crow on its’ shoulder. In the earlier painting I feel like I kind of missed the mark and ended up fighting my materials too much. Which is never a good place to be when working with water based paint. So yeah, I took this as an opportunity to have another go at it.

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New Steam War Chapter coming soon.

June 6th, 2011

I sat down last week and worked up the cover image for the latest chapter I’ve written for Tales of the Great Steam War. Which will continue to explore the world in which these characters live. And the consequence of the war they fight.
For this one I decided I wanted to do something in a more Propaganda Poster style.

And since this chapter will focus on the fate of the Prussian Sniper introduced at the end of Chapter One I started by researching images of German posters. With that in mind and some MORE research, I landed on the idea of using the Prussian Eagle and the Totenkompf/Death’s Head badge. At the relative time this story is set in the Totenkompf had not yet been co-opted by the Nazis and was still thought of as the unit insignia of the Death’s Head Hussar. A cavalry regiment dating back to I think the Napoleonic era.

So with a head full of research, plenty of thumbnails and some reference images. I sat down and drew this ink drawing.

Then added the drawing to the type I had done up in the cpu. Did some colors and added some texturing/aging. This is where it was when I first posted it for critique over at the illopond.


After a really helpful round of critiques both online and with folks I know here locally. I did a handful of minor quick changes. And landed on this, which is where I may sign off on this one. Although as always feedback is most welcome. Let me have it!


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A trailer made for the Anthology.

March 11th, 2011

More on 8

February 28th, 2011


For the anthology I’ve been working on, each contributor was to produce a cover splash image for their story, as well as an 8 page comics story. This is what I came up with for the cover of my section of the book. The drawing is done in coffee, ink, and gouache on illo board.

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August 11th, 2010

This is a long overdue blog post. I’ve literally been on the run since the 48 Hour Project to the point I hadn’t had the time to sit down and really decompress the whole experience. Here’s an excerpt of my blog post from last year that explains the concept of the 48 Hour Film Project. The way it works has stayed the same so I might as well use the quote feature.

Teams gather together on Friday evening, there each pulls a genre out of a hat for their film. Also all teams are given a character’s name and occupation, a line of dialogue and an object that must appear in the film. Once all elements are handed out, the insanity begins. The clock starts ticking. A copy of the film has to be delivered in person Sunday evening.

This years compulsories were DWIGHT/DANETTE WILLIAMS-Party Planner, a CD, and the line “How do I look?”
Our team drew the genre ADVENTURE SERIAL
We only had five minutes to go before we handed it off this year, but we did make it on time. As of this writing the showings for the 48 Hour Project have come and gone. We made the cut from the initial four screenings to be included in the BEST OF RICHMOND screening the following weekend. Where we were selected to take home the BEST SFX and BEST USE OF CHARACTER awards. Which is pretty awesome if you ask me!

We continue to try and find ways to streamline and refine our production pipelines. This year on a whole ran much smoother than previous years. And I’d like to believe that it shows up in the final product.

It’s incredibly inspiring to have the opportunity to work with such a large group of amazingly talented folks.

To be continued?

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Brief update (promise of more to come). Ripple card wave 2.

July 24th, 2010

So there is much to blog about. But there hasn’t been much time or energy to do so. I desperately need to finish my write up of the 12 Week Challenge. And maybe pimp out the new clubhouse area.

I also need to give a run down of this year’s 48 Hour Film Project. Team Hand Turkey went big this year. And in my admittedly own biased opinion we came up with our best effort yet. The debut screening is today at 4PM EST here at the Byrd. After the premiere we’ll be able to host it online. And I’ll shamelessly pimp share it with any and every one interested in seeing it.

In other news and to prevent this from being a post devoid of content beyond the promise of future content. A week or so ago for my warm up drawing I decide to do another sketch card to donate to Kelly Light’s phenomenal cause Ripple Sketches.

Please take the time to look over what’s being offered over there. Some really awesome art is being put up for very little money. BUT 100% of that money is going towards animal rescue in the Gulf. Do a good thing, and get great art. It’s win win.

I’m happy to say there has already been a donation to the Sea Turtle Conservancy for this card, and it will soon be living in Reno, NV with one of my fellow 12 Weekers (Thanks Donna Jeanne!). But so much great art is getting posted every day I’m sure you can find something to tickle your fancy.

Again more posting, more often soon. But now I need to clean myself up a bit*. I got a film showing!

*Just a bit mind you. This is Richmond. And it is over 100° F today.

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Giving the Bird(s).

July 7th, 2010



These were done as a gift in the not too distant past. Just getting around to putting scanned versions up.

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The Ripple Effect

June 15th, 2010

Fair warning: This blog post is going to possess a lot less snark than I tend to write with here.

First off I’d like to say, it’s really inspiring to watch a grass roots effort take hold and mobilize a group of people. I was pointed in the direction of fellow illustrator Kelly Light’s amazing efforts over the weekend, through multiple folks on my Twitter follow list. Through numerous small steps and what I can only assume is an amazing amount of elbow grease Kelly has started the ripplesketches blog. With it she’s been putting up her own and other’s donated sketchcards or prints, selling them for the price of a ten dollar donation to either The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies or The International Bird Rescue Research Center .

It’s just that simple. She stood up and said out loud she wasn’t going to sit by doing nothing. Instead she used what she had at her disposal, and tried to make something happen. And you know what? It IS happening. In just a few short days and through word of mouth the project has raised as of last update 2,000 dollars. With what I can only imagine is no end in sight.

The cards I’ve submitted will be in the post to their new home tomorrow (Thanks Charlotte if you happen to be reading!). BUT, in saying this there are so many great pieces still available, by so many great artists.

One last plug, go check out the ripplesketches blog, and buy something great, while doing something great.

I’m happy to say in a small way I was a part of this. Thanks again Kelly, for everything you are doing.


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