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Tiny Pleasures Submissions

April 3rd, 2014



These were done to send to Jon Schindehette (Who runs the super awesome site Art Order ) and be displaying them at his table at SFAL this year. Which means my little squiggles of paint will be seen right next to 270+ other small images from a number of really swell artists. In fact if you’ve read this far you should head on over to the Infected by Art page that show off all the work that was submitted. Hopefully my pretty humble attempts at painting don’t stink the place up too bad.

As a brief run down of what the Tiny Pleasures prompt was. The subject matter was open ended, but the pieces HAD to be 3 inches by 3 inches square. Which is an interestingly small canvas area. And a pretty good size to really experiment with. I did these on the small 3 inch canvases that come pre-stretched in a pack of five from the art store. I used a used gift card to just glop on and spread gesso all over the surface roughly to give it some kind of texture and then just kind of drew/painted whatever came to mind when I sat down. It was a lot of fun to just kind of do whatever, and the pieces were small enough that they came together really quickly.

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Face Value for Telegraph Gallery

December 5th, 2013



My friends David and Kate that run Telegraph Gallery in Charlottesville were kind enough to ask me to submit work to their group show that opens tomorrow titled Face Value.


Continuing on, Learning to ink digitally.

April 25th, 2013

I’ve been very impressed in the little bit of time I’ve had to mess about with Manga Studio. The inking tools are simply amazing to me. As I continue to experiment, the results are getting closer and closer to what my inks look like when done on paper. Except I have the advantage of not ever over inking. I go too far, a series of ctl+z button presses and I’m back. Which is a real time saver, hopefully it won’t become a crutch moving forward.

Anyway, a friend of mine, I’ve known for seemingly forever (He has stories of teenage me, I have to speak nicely of him) Steve McAllister of McAllister Illustration was nice enough to recently send me a sketch to work from. I was interested to see what I could do with these tools over someone else’s lines. Check him out when you have a second, he’s good people and honestly has been since before we were barely old enough to rate as people.

Here’s the final result of what he sent over:


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Dabbling with 100% digital approach to drawing.

April 2nd, 2013


Sketch done entirely in Manga Studio EX4.

As has been the case for quite a while there really isn’t any of my *real* work I can show off just yet. BUT I have used some down time to start learning Manga Studio. It appears to be quite a robust digital tool. With some of the most intuitive inking tools I’ve seen.

Looking forward to learning/showing more than this super rough head shot.

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January 15th, 2013

He Knows

June 4th, 2012


Recent warm up drawing.


Study Drawing

March 8th, 2012


Been hard at work behind the scenes. Hopefully I’ll be able to start sharing more soon.

This is a study drawing for an element of a piece I’m working on currently.

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January 24th, 2012

Warm up drawing.

January 17th, 2012


Yelizaveta Mironova, was a Russian sniper during WWII. During her service she was credited with 34 confirmed kills and over 100 unconfirmed kills. The reference photo was pulled from her wikipedia stub.


Warm Up Sketch

September 19th, 2011


I did this quick drawing last night, trying to get back into gear with inking again. Over the weekend I finished the pencils (finally) to the next chapter of Steam War. Here’s to hoping for a productive couple of weeks to put this one to bed. It’s been quite the learning experience.

The subject matter was suggested by two people. Although when they sent the topic storm I’m not sure either was thinking of the X-Man when they did so. I recently came to the realization that I don’t think I’d ever drawn the Mohawk version of Storm before. Even though this was her look during the time I was haunting the spinner racks of my local 7-11.

Anyway here’s a link to the sites of the guys suggesting Storm.

Andy Denton

Paul Caggegi

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