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The Ripple Effect

June 15th, 2010

Fair warning: This blog post is going to possess a lot less snark than I tend to write with here.

First off I’d like to say, it’s really inspiring to watch a grass roots effort take hold and mobilize a group of people. I was pointed in the direction of fellow illustrator Kelly Light’s amazing efforts over the weekend, through multiple folks on my Twitter follow list. Through numerous small steps and what I can only assume is an amazing amount of elbow grease Kelly has started the ripplesketches blog. With it she’s been putting up her own and other’s donated sketchcards or prints, selling them for the price of a ten dollar donation to either The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies or The International Bird Rescue Research Center .

It’s just that simple. She stood up and said out loud she wasn’t going to sit by doing nothing. Instead she used what she had at her disposal, and tried to make something happen. And you know what? It IS happening. In just a few short days and through word of mouth the project has raised as of last update 2,000 dollars. With what I can only imagine is no end in sight.

The cards I’ve submitted will be in the post to their new home tomorrow (Thanks Charlotte if you happen to be reading!). BUT, in saying this there are so many great pieces still available, by so many great artists.

One last plug, go check out the ripplesketches blog, and buy something great, while doing something great.

I’m happy to say in a small way I was a part of this. Thanks again Kelly, for everything you are doing.


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