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Week 4 pt1 – Hectic Days and Sleep Deprevation


This week begins the creation phase of the 12 week challenge. In the next three weeks each participant is to set out to produce 6 new illustrations based on the list made in the previous week.

This week got off to a bit of a slow start for me, as I had a couple images I had to produce before I could get started on the six planned images. So actual drawing on the first piece didn’t begin until Wednesday. Because of the short turn around needed I chose to go with two of the three planned editorial pieces.

The first image is a visual done for an article found on the Utne Reader website about Buddhist Monks in Thailand arming themselves due to repeated attacks. For this one I can say there wasn’t a lot of thumbnailing done. I kind of had the image I wanted right away. Here’s an in progress pencils image. This was just taken with my cell phone and cropped/reduced in dpi, so the image quality may be just a bit shoddy. However I think it shows how I pencil well enough. I try to get all the information I need without tightening up too much. Doesn’t always work according to plan but I can certainly try. Below is a series of photos taken at various stages.

*Prewarning, the production of this image devolved into absolute chaos. This is by no means a typical representation of how I work.

buddhist-with-gun wipPencils

buddhist-with-gun-wip2Painting in progress


buddhist-with-gun-wip4Masked off and ready for blood spatter.

And then speaking of not going according to plan, it turns out the masking doesn’t help when the paints bleeds through it. I’ve done similar techniques before. But never on Illustration board. Not only did *that* not work, it pulled the drawing up! So needless to say I was a bit put off by what happened. I went ahead and took the image toward a final anyway, just did so in a way I may not have gone had the mask not failed so completely.

buddhist-with-gun-epic fail wip Exhibit A of the failure of my initial plan.

buddhist-with-gun Just added new glazes and a whole lot of ink.

I’ve let it sit for most of the day now so I could get some fresh eyes on it. Scarily the finish isn’t terribly different on the figure than it was before I destroyed it other than the black line I added to find the image again.

In the end I can’t honestly claim image 1 of the 6 I planned to do was wholly successful. But I definitely learned a thing or two on the way to where I ended up. First lesson, I probably shouldn’t break out techniques I haven’t really field tested when you are under a deadline gun. For the remaining images I believe I’m going to go with things I’m a bit more comfortable with. In the production schedule laid out there reall isn’t the luxury of a “do over”

Back soon with more.


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