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Progress Report.

July 30th, 2009

So as of this writing I still haven’t managed the time to get everything in place. But hopefully having a couple posts at launch will prevent blank page syndrome.

However there is plenty to talk about at the very least.

Hand Turkey Studios put a team together for the Richmond leg of the 48 Hour Film Project again this year. Once again attempting to produce a complete 4-7 minute 3D animation in the time allotted. Due to numerous technical issues and inexperience working on such a tight timeline we just did miss completing this last year. So this year we were attempting to improve on last year’s performance.

For those not in the know about what this is all about, here’s a quick recap of the project. Teams gather together on Friday evening, there each pulls a genre out of a hat for their film. Also all teams are given a characters name and occupation, a line of dialogue and an object that must appear in the film. Once all elements are handed out, the insanity begins.  The clock starts ticking. A copy of the film has to be delivered in person Sunday evening.

This year our team drew comedy as our genre, while the character given was Michael/Michelle Dooley “Green Expert”, the line of dialogue was “You can ask her yourself.”, and the object a tomato.

Now that it has been explained, let me first say I’m pretty lucky to know such a large group of incredibly talented people. Who also just happen to be complete nutters. For the ins and outs of the pre-production and the  who’s who of the team assembled, check out the wiki here. We were a pretty unusual entity as our team was spread out all over the world.

Upon kick off, we were off to the races. If you don’t believe me just check out these compressed video files. Each is an 8 hour block of time condensed into 1 minute.  These videos are courtesy of Hal Dowdy. The first one starts at about 1/2 an hour into the project.

Time Lapse 1

This was as per Hal’s listing Saturday from approximately 9:00AM-5:00 PM

Time Lapse 2

I can’t say enough about how inspiring it is to be a part of such a talented and dedicated group of people. Some of these people are robots, I’m almost certain of it. Pray their AI never yields the intent to take over the world.

So in the end things were completed and handed in with a cushion of just TEN minutes. We did it. And I’m already signed on for doing this again next year. It’s too crazy *not* to do.

Oh and I guess since you’ve read this far. Here’s what was produced.


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